What’s the point of taking a kite surfing course? There are several reasons why you must start kitesurfing, here are some:


Kitesurfing gives you a challenge you never get from running or taking a class in the gym, the adrenaline kick is just amazing! Kitesurfing gives you great training for the whole body, especially legs, back, belly and back. Fact is that you burn about 1000 kcal per hour when kitesurfing.


Fresh breeze, sun and water. It is a lovely feeling to master two of the Earth's elements while getting that perfect tan!

Never ever bad weather again!

Have you ever complained about bad weather? Windy, cloudy and chilly weather will get a whole new meaning in your life when you can suddenly go kitesurfing! In fact, many kitesurfers start planning their lives after the weather forecast!


Get to know nice people. Kitesurfers are like a big family where everyone is welcome!


Imagine the sensation to glide over the water with your view towards the land. It's an indescribable feeling!!

Fly like a bird

Jump and make tricks. Kitesurfing is not only limited to being on the water surface. Using the power from the kite you can jump and do a vast number of tricks, there is no limit of how far you can develop.

Kite trips

Go on kitesurfing trips. Do you belong to the category that quickly gets bored from just lying in the sun on your holiday trips? Bring your kite and explore the most amazing kitespots the world has to offer!

Fall in love

Kitesurfing is just so damn nice! Hence, there is a high risk that you will fall in love with this wonderful sport!

After kite

Last but not least, to wash a beer down your throat after a day of kiting, is a most heavenly feeling!


Gustav Kitesurfing Instructor Hello!

I am Gustav, an ordinary guy who likes to kitesurf.

2009 was the year when I took a kitesurfing course in Gothenburg and like many others I got immediately hooked to this wonderful sport! It did not take many days before I bought my own kite equipment and since then I have literally been kitesurfing in all weather!

In 2011, I educated myself to become a kitesurfing instructor and now I take care of future kite addicts as often as I can. As an instructor, I am calm and pedagogical. For me it is important that you as a student not only should have a great day on the beach (and in the water) but also that you leave me with the confidence to be able to kitesurf independently without having me constantly watching your back.

At Gusty we do not instruct more than two people at once per instructor. We do this since it’s safer and since we don’t think it’s fair for you to just stand watching half of the time during the course.

See you in the water! / Gustav

Tobias kitesurfing instructor Yo!

My name is Tobias, a cool guy addicted to sports and nature!

I started kitesurfing in 2010 which still is one of my absolute favorite sports along crossfit and snowboarding. Previously, I worked as a snowboard instructor and in recent years as a gym instructor. Since 2013, I also work as a kite instructor for Gusty. As an instructor I often hear that I’m calm and clear, which I take as a compliment 🙂

Else, it is important to me (except you to have fun) that you understand the theory and that you master the practical things after a completed course at Gusty, so that you can stand on your own legs in your future career as a kitesurfer. /Tobbe

PS. The courses are usually held at Habo Ljung, Lomma. Sometimes at other locations in Skåne, it always depends on the winds.



As a student at Gusty, you will get the best possible training you can get when it comes to kitesurfing. Gusty does not want to leave a student who does not feel confident, but rather give him or she some extra time to get most value from your course.

Gusty is a certified instructor and you’ll get tought according to the guidelines at IKO. This means that you as a student step by step will be tought all the fundamental techniques under safe conditions until you become independent.