Klagshamn kitesurfing

About This Project

Klagshamn is an alternative spot to Lundåkra when there are eastern winds. It can be a bit tricky to find the spot unless you havn’t been there before. GPS and a map-reader on the passenger seat in your car really helps =)

You have the luxury to be able to rig your kite on a big grass field at this spot and there are toilets located next to the Surfclub.

Another plus is that the water is waistdeep more or less over the whole bay yet offering very flat water. Stones are a minus though. Stones in and close to the area where the windsurfers are surfing are market with poles, but stones east from the windsurfers territory are not marked why practising tricks here is a bit shady. To use a helmet at this spot is perhaps a good idea after all!



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