No need for Youtube, what you find here is an epic collection of kitesurfing videos! :)

Sometimes you meet people that look like question marks as you tell them that you’re kiteboarding. You try your best to explain that you’re surfing on the water with a kite in the air, often with limited success. Imagine if you could show them a little video instead, they would probably book a kite course right away 🙂

Anyway, here are some sick kitesurfing videos for you that recently has discovered kitesurfing or for you that just want to show your buddies what you’re really doing with your spare time, except for when you’re swearing over the non windy forecast 😉

Tom Hebert is back in true New Cal Style! The 5th episode of Tom’s Kitchen is, just like its predecessors, packed with insane stylish old school tricks! This video was recorded in New Caledonia which seems to be a paradise for kitesurfing! Nevertheless, this is a really cool video with some great music on top of it!

Cape Town Confidential! By far the best video that was released in 2017! In the beginning of each year the kite elite gather in Cape Town, South Africa. If you havn’t been there then we can highly recommend a visit! The kitesurfing in Cape Town is pretty extreme so beginners better stay off the water, but there are so many other things to do and watch! To watch the pro’s as they are kitesurfing is a pure pleasure itself!

One of our own kiteboarding videos from South Africa. So far the best travel destination for the one who is looking for a combination of adventure, nature, animals, kiteboarding and experiences!

One of our own videos from South Africa.

Sri Lanka is more of a surfing paradise, but there is also a huge lagoon named Kalpitiya. This lagoon offers excellent conditions for kiteboarding. The water isn’t exactly crystal clear, but on the other hand there are donkeys hanging around the lagoon. You can not always get everything here in life.

One of our own videos from Mexico.

Mexico is a very large country that has a couple of nice kitespots. Sharks and sting rays are also thriving here, but they are friendly as long as you don’t step on them 🙂

No matter how much we’re kitesurfing, some guys will always be light years ahead of us in their progression. We’re talking about the kite elite that have been lucky to have been born at a windswept place with the ocean as their nearest neighbour. Here are some crazy videos with people that prove to have really exceptional kite skills!

PS. Are you thinking of starting to kitesurf? Make sure to get your thumb out of your ass, because it will take about a decade to become really good at kitesurfing!

Youri Zoon

World champion in kitesurfing 2011. Youri Zoon has spent more than 10 years of kitesurfing every windy day and as known practice makes perfect. The common denominator for the pros is just that they have been kitesurfing so damn much!

Ruben Lenten

This guy has specialized himself in one thing – kite mega loops! Ruben started out with freestyle as most other among the kite elite, but changed his approach towards extreme kitesurfing which means aiming for jumping as high as possible whilst looping the kite!
Imagine yourself kiting in a storm. You’re jumping to 20 meters height when pulling a huge kite loop… Not only does it require skills but balls of steel, something that Ruben Lenten has!

Nicki Rudd

Another girl that proves that not only guys can kitesurf. Besides, she’s probably better than either you or me ever will be at kitesurfing!

Tobi Brauer

As a kitesurfer you may sooner or later hear people talking about “old school” and “airstyle”. These are two disciplines that Tobi Brauer master to perfection! Darkslide and Jesus Walk are two classic old school tricks!

Claes Lundin

Once the Swedish master in snowkiting. Yes, you can “kitesurf” in snow, hence snowkiting. So, when it’s too cold to kitesurf here in Skåne, then we switch our kiteboard to a snowboard and head north, to the snow covered plateau’s in Norway. Or why not to the Swedish mountains that we find in the county of Jämtland. Åre and Vemdalen are two popular Swedish towns for both skiing and snowkiting.

Nick Jacobsen

Nick is a kitesurfer who is known for being rather crazy. Madness and kite skills combined are nevertheless proved to be a success! The result is both funny and impressive! An example of Nick’s crazy talent can be seen in this video.

Tom Hebert

Tom Hebert, this is a cool guy who loves to fish and to kitesurf. Tom is the master of masters when it comes to “stylish” kitesurfing”. Tom Hebert is a team rider for Duotone (former brand was North Kiteboarding). They have done a series called Tom’s kitchen. Up to now there are six episodes, all of them well made and worth watching. My personal favorite is the second episode. I must have seen it at least 50 times by now!

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