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About This Project

The water at JP is so flat that the spot almost is too perfect! The water can at most get a little choppy depending on the wind direction. The water is shallow up to about 1 kilometre from land so it’s really a great spot for beginners that want to practise in shallow water. Just watch out so you don’t get stuck on land a trick in any of the sand dunes that can stick up here and there.

There are large grass fields behind the approximately 10 meter wide sand beach (the width varies with the sea-level) so you can really take up some space as you rig your kite.

JP works best in northern and south western winds, but straight western wind works ok too.

The drawback with JP is that you can’t drive all the way to the kitespot but have to park your car about 5-600 meters away and carry all your stuff over a field to get to the spot.



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