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Wanna learn to kite!?
There is a reason to why kitesurfing or kiteboarding is the worlds most rapidly growing "extreme sport", give kitesurfing a go and you'll understand why! Though kitesurfing doesn't have to be that extreme and anyone can perform this sport. Kitesurfing is not completely safe, but if you learn the foundations then there is no reason to worry. Statistics shows that the majority of people that ge injured when kitesurfing are beginners without an adequate education or extremely advanced surfers that push their limits.
Gusty kitesurfing schoolAs a student at Gusty you'll get the best possible instruction as you can get within kitesurfing. Gusty doesn't not leave a student that is not comfortable to kite independently and we prefer to give you some extra free hours of teaching to make sure that you are able to kite independently when you leave Gusty.

Gusty is a certified IKO instructor, which briefly means that you as a student gets the best kitesurfing education to make sure that you quickly learn to kitesurf on your own in a fun and safe way.
welcome to gusty
Gusty is the name of a kitesurfing school with a passion for kitesurfing and we want to share the joy and sense of freedom that kitesurfing gives you. Kitesurfing is simply outstanding and the list of positive things that comes with this sport is endless! Some reasons to start kitesurfing.
  • Kitesurfing gives you a challenge that you never get from jogging or a workout in the gym, the adrenaline rush is incredible! Kitesurfing is awesome total body workout, especially legs, gluteus, stomach and back. Fact is that you burn 1000 kcal per hour when you kitesurf!
  • Fresh breeze, sun and water. It's a great feeling to master two elements of earth, while you at the same time get a perfect tan.
  • Get to know nice people. Kite surfers are like one big family where everyone is welcome!
  • Imagine the feeling of freedom to cruise over the water with a view over the land. It is indescribable!
  • Jump and perform tricks. The kite surfer is not limited to only being in the water. You can jump and make a very large number of tricks by using the force that can be generated with the kite, there's no limit to how far you can progress.
  • Last but not least, nothing tastes like a cold beer in the sunset after a great kite session!
Thought about kitesurfing? Stop thinking and sign up for a course now, it is something you'll not regret!
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