Kitesurfing Course
Wanna learn to kitesurf?

To take a kitesurfing course is not a must, but strongly recommended. Many people underestimate the power from a kite and accidents occur way to often when people that havn't taken a course decides to test kitesurfing. Trying kitesurfing without first taking a course is like ride a heavy motorbike without even having a license for the regular car, it probably ends up in the emergency reception.

What do I get from taking a kitesurfing course?

By participating in a kitesurfing course you will learn the basics to be able to kitesurf independently in a safe manner. You will learn proper techniques for piloting the kite and what rules that apply for kitesurfers. You will also learn the prerequisites to be able to kite surf in terms of weather, location, and type of equipment that is needed for the prevailing conditions. Last but not least, you get a membership at IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) which means that you can hire equipment at kite centers when you are abroad.

Why cannot my friend as well teach me kitesurfing?

Do you have a talented, experienced and pedagogical buddy, then of course he/she can teach you kitesurfing. It probably takes longer time before you get up on the board, but will hopefully not cost you anything. However, remember that a certified IKO instructor is trained to teach kitesurfing and most likely is better at teaching you this than your friend. Your friend is not able to give you a membership card at IKO, therefor it will become difficult for you to rent equipment if you would like to kite surfing abroad (which you will)!

So which kite school to choose?

In general you can expect that all kite instructors are good at kitesurfing and know what they are talking about when they teach you. In order to even get accepeted to take an IKO instructor you must be able to go upwind, make a controlled jump and perform some kind of trick. All this can be learned during a summer, but still not anybody can take an instructor course. To be approved as an instructor it is also required that you pass a variety of tests, both theoretical and practical. So it doesn't really matter what school you decide to go to, you will for sure learn to kite surfing. BUT, many schools are staring blind on their profit and therefor take as many students as possible at one time and rush through important steps without really caring about you follow or not. These "bad quality" courses may be cheaper than others, but to be cheap can turn out to be expensive in the long run... There are many things that can go wrong when you kitesurf and I cannot stress how important it is that you know what you're doing and that you know how the safety systems work. Gusty is a kite school located in the southern part of Sweden, not necessary the absolutely best kite school in Sweden, but you'll definitely have a good time and get well looked after when taking a course by Gusty, and you'll get real value for your money!


/Gustav - IKO Instructor
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