Om Gusty

My name is Gustav, a nice guy who likes to kitesurf.

I went to a kite course in Gothenburg year 2009, and like so many others, I became "hooked" of this wonderful sport! It did not take many days before I bought my own kite equipment, since then I have literally been kitesurfing in rain and sunshine!
I attented a kitesurfing instructor course in 2011 and now takes care of the future "kite addicts" as often as I can.

As an instructor, I am calm and pedagogical, eager to make sure that you as a student not only to have a really fun day on the water, but also that you feel totally comfortable with kitesurfing independently after you have taken a course with me.

In order to be become a good kitesurfer, it is important that you feel comfortable with the kite and that you can handle it in a safe way even when the wind picks up. Too many unnecessary accidents occurs due to lack of respect for the wind and the due to ignorance of the equipment. You should therefore take a course at a kite school, for your own and others safety. Besides Gusty, there are many other good kitesurfing schools, nevertheless Gusty will make sure to give you all the tools necessary to become a great kitesurfer! :)

See you in the water!

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